Recently Restored April 2019


Hearts And Spades Classic Pinball

This has the highest ratings for fun of any game. (8.4) because you can get awarded countless numbers of extra balls during a game, the machine wouldn't have taken much money in its day , so no good for business but great for the player. I played it for nearly two hours on one sixpence with a high score of 123,600, awesome game. only 615 made  and has a fluted back box sides, highly sought after all over the world. rated number 19 out of the top 300 machines. 

It has 3 different bells and apparently the loudest pinball. need a lot of drinking vouchers to part with this one! 

Recently Restored April 2019


Jennings Club Chief One Armed Bandit


Ode Jennings died on 29th November 1953 at the age of 79 having personally run the company for 47 years. Having no children he left everything in trust to his wife on the proviso that it past to the town and hospital on her death but she seems to have got round that as far as the company was concerned by setting up Jennings and Co in 1954 which purchased the assets of O.D.Jennings and Co  from the estate of Ode Jennings.

Most slot machine collectors want at least one Jennings machine in their collection, the latest ones (club Chief) are said to be THE classic mechanical slot machine. Always well made with great build quality and designed to stand the test of time. Variations on this model were also made, plastic side panels which lit up , light up top section etc, All had the iconic indian head to "rub" for luck. widely used in Vegas casinos for their reliability, Mainly as all the mechanical components are fixed to the main mechanism so easy to work on as opposed to other machines which left half the workings in the machine when the mech was removed. This one has been stripped to its component form and completely rebuilt, cabinet recovered and front nickel plated. Valued at today's prices of approx £5000 and going up!

Funland Classic Pinball Fully Restored April 2019

Funland Classic Pinball
Rated in IPDP top 300 electro mechanical pinball machines at number 19.

Funland Classic Pinball Now Available

Funland Pinball. Rated In IPDP Top 300 Electro Mechanical Pinball Machines Rated At Number 39. It Also Has A High Rating Of  7.9 For "Fun

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Rock-Ola Tempo 1 Restoration May 2018

Rock-Ola Tempo 1

The Rock-Ola Company History

Believe it or not, the name Rock-Ola is actually derived from the name of the company's founder. It also happens to be a real cool name for a jukebox, implying a "rock 'n' roll' play on words. David C. Rockola was born in Canada and as a young boy worked as a mechanic in a shop that repaired coin-operated devices. By 1926 he had his own company manufacturing coin-operated scales.

In the 1930s Rockola moved into pinball games and many other devices. As the demand for coin-operated phonographs increased the temptation to enter the jukebox arena, Rockola purchased a mechanism from a man named Smythe. Rockola reengineered this 12-select mechanism and started making jukeboxes in a big way (1935 Rock-Ola). Farny Wurlitzer viewed this a huge threat to his business based on Rockola's success in other machines. Wurlitzer tried to convince David Rockola that there was no room in the industry for another manufacturer. Wurlitzer then filed a $1 million lawsuit claiming patent infringement on the Smythe mechanism. Rockola eventually won the suit but not until he had spent half a million dollars in legal fees. This hurt Rockola but didn't kill him. He continued manufacturing and in 1939 introduced a series of very successful jukeboxes called "Luxury Light-Up". 

Ami Continental 2 Restoration February 2018


Picture Of Previous Restoration

The AMI Continental II jukebox is a true collector's piece, beautifully manufactured by AMI in limited numbers. 

The Continental range was designed to set a new standard of style, hence the unusual profile and look. The silhouette is unmistakably distinctive and the machine's lines are clean and graceful. Soft, indirect illumination highlights the rich golden trim and glorious colours of the cabinet.  

It has electronic selection, enabling you to queue all 100 songs instead of having to choose a new song every time if you wish to. The astonishing stereo sound ensures records play as clearly and crisply as they did 50 years ago, and gives a further reason to choose this over a mono jukebox.

If you have a vinyl collection of 7 inch singles tucked away somewhere safe, the Continental II is a perfect reason to dust those wonderful old records off and get them loaded up into a beautiful classic jukebox.

The Continental range was designed to set a new standard of style, hence the unusual profile and look. The silhouette is unmistakably distinctive and the machine's lines are clean and graceful. Soft, indirect illumination highlights the rich golden trim and glorious colours of the cabinet.  

The Restoration Begins 3rd February 2018

Ami Continental 2, a remarkable jukebox with it's domed glass top and curved selection holder it was obvious based on space travel developments of that time. Size : 170x78x75 cm (HxWxD) Selections : 200 Speed : 45 rpm Year: 1962 In May 1960 AMI Lyric and Continental were introduced as an "Compact Addition" to the current AMI K line. Lyric and Continental are somewhat smaller than regular AMI jukeboxes and both were planned to be offered at a lower price. A year later Continental 2 was introduced. All models show a kind of space design. 

Ditchburn 1949 Jukebox March 2018



Below You Will See Pictures Of A Restoration Of A Ditchburn Jukebox Produced In The UK 1949 That I Am Undertaking For A Client.

It's A Fascinating Story How This Company And It's Jukeboxes Came About.

So Much So That I Have Added A History Of The Hawtin's And Ditchburn Jukebox Company To My Website.

Just Hit The MORE Dropdown Menu And The Ditchburn History Page Is There For You To Discover.

It fascinated Me So I Thought I Would Share It.

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