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My Background

I started my varied life learning about electricity when I was 8 Years old after mother nearly blew her hand to bits wrongly wiring a plug , by 15 I was completely wiring houses for a job, I started restoring push bikes and then motor bikes , this went on to 3 wheelers and cars by the time I was 17, I worked for a lovely man, Bill Allen in Leeds at Metsmatics who said as long as his machines were working I had no set hours. So I got each pin ball, fruit machine and jukebox into the small workshop, I had already learned to weld and spray paint at this age. Within 8 months , all his machines had been restored, so I had loads of time to spare as there were very few breakdown callouts. So I started hiring myself out to other amusement machine firms who had problem machines that their own engineers couldn’t figure out. Quite challenging as I was not only looking for the original faults but the extra faults that various engineers had added., life was great and I was very much in demand, restoring other machines at home as well as my job. The call of showbusiness was in my veins ( both Mum and Dad were entertainers) so I left machines to find fame and fortune. I was very successful, still restoring the odd machine , car, motor bike, chewing gum dispenser, and later restoring 3 houses which I now rent out. I am a perfectionist, I restore everything as if it were my own, how many times I have heard “no need to do that , no one will see it” not the way I work, I know its there so it has to be done. I am 73 yrs old and do not need to make loads of money or rip people off, I spend up to 200 hours doing a machine back to its former glory, or better in some cases. Why ? I love electro mechanical machines, woodwork, painting, metal work, welding , soldering and the challenge, far more rewarding than watching TV or following a ball round a golf course. Even a brand new machine  or car develops faults, so its inevitable that ,although fully rebuilt, a 50-60 yr old juke will go wrong at some point, but I try and cover every base to avoid it happening. 

Jukebox Restorations

If you are looking for a classic jukebox then you have come to the right place.

I normally have many machines in stock whether it be Wurlitzer, Ami, Rockola, Seeburg and everything from the weird and wonderful.

Many hundreds of hours go into restoring these classic machines and i care about the standard of my work.

I will never let any jukebox leave the workshop until i know that it is working as it should to give many years of trouble free listening.

Many machines sell before they are restored so if you are looking for that something extra special that you have always dreamed about then please give me a call or message me as i will be able to source most machines and am only too willing to have your input through every stage of restoration.

This is not a commercial business, i restore jukeboxes as i love them and it keeps me busy.

Every care is taken with every machine plus i offer a warranty with each machine i sell.

All jukeboxes are supplied with records and title strips plus a record dinker that i have manufactured myself so you get the best on the market.

Jukebox Repairs And Shop

If you have a classic jukebox that needs a repair or a full restoration then please give me a call.

I you are local to me i will visit your home and aim to repair the fault on the spot.

If not you i can arrange for any machines to be collected and brought to my workshop.

Plus my hourly rate is very competitive.

While you are here to check out the machines i have restored, why not visit the shop, where you will find a wide array of machines restored or ready to restore.

Please check back regularly as it is updated often.



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I Do Not Restore Or Repair CD Jukeboxes Only Classics

I love my customers, so feel free to visit and see the quality of my work.

Just give me a call it is always great to see each and every one of you.

Robs Jukebox Restorations

Tingley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom



Please do not hesitate to give me a call and arrange a suitable time to visit.

The kettle is always on.